Class Feedback

Comments from participants who have completed 8 week mindfulness programmes with Louise:

Using the techniques taught by Louise, I was able to manage my levels of stress more effectively, enabling me to face daily challenges in a calmer way and focus on being more productive at work and in my family. Really benefitted from the meditation practices, great with helping me to sleep better. I would recommend anyone to give mindfulness a try”

“This was a powerful course, which enabled me to be more aware of feelings and thoughts and accepting whatever was present for me. I learnt so much about myself and my patterns and how I communicate with others. The connection I had with the other participants was very strong and powerful”

“I have got so much out of the entire course. A wonderful beginning to my mindfulness journey. Extremely well delivered and very thought provoking. The course has made me focus on what’s important and given me the tools to look after myself a great deal better”.